Collegium Medicum
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw


Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University for several years has been preparing for the opening of Collegium Medicum UKSW and the education of students in medical faculties. The clinical basis for medical studies at CSWU are research institutes, including:

  • Military Medical Institute (WIM),
  • Institute of Cardiology Primate of the Millennium Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski,
  • Mother and Child Institute

as well as public hospitals and institutions that provide commercial activities in the field of medical services:

  • Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration,
  • Specialist Hospital „INFLANCKA” them. Krysia Niżyńska „Dusty”,
  • Bielański Hospital,
  • Mazowiecki Szpital Wojewódzki Drewnica Sp. z o.o.,
  • Międzyleski Specialist Hospital in Warsaw,
  • LUX MED Group,
  • Enel-Med, Enel-Sport,
  • Magodent.

The National Institute of Medicines will also be involved in the implementation of the education program at medical faculties.

UKSW also cooperated with foreign units: the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore). The teaching and research base of this university for studies and research in the field of medical sciences is the Gemelli polyclinic in Rome, which is the official hospital of the Pope. UKSW also signed a letter of intent with Isarklinik in Munich, which specializes in research on the use of stem cells – adds the rector.

From October, cooperation between UKSW and the European School of Advanced Ophthalmological Research (ESASO) at the Swiss University of Lugano will also start. The second such school in Europe with certificates issued by ESASO will be created next academic year on the UKSW campus at ul. Wóycickiego.

Collegium Medicum

On December 15, 2001, in the Clementine Room in the Vatican, John Paul II said to the representatives of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University: Europe needs a new intellectual revival … a new boldness in free and creative thinking, showing in the perspective of faith an understanding of the questions and challenges that life brings in the end, bring out the ultimate truth about man. I am addressing these words to you today, believing that this university, through the solid scientific commitment of professors and students, will shape the spiritual face of not only Poland, but also of the whole of Europe.

The youth of your university can be your strength, a source of new energy flowing from a fresh approach to issues that other scientific centers are struggling with. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by youth – the youth of institutions and the youth of the spirit.

– Jan Paweł II