Medical direction

  • studies in the field of medicine
  • Innovative study program
  • Cooperation with medical centers in Poland and in Europe


Zasady rekrutacji

Program studiów zgodny z aktualnym stanem wiedzy medycznej oraz dostosowany do potrzeb studentów

Współpraca z ośrodkami medycznymi w Polsce i w Europie










The Act, signed by the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, creates the possibility of applying to the University for the right to conduct studies in medical fields. The program of studies at the medical faculty was prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Health. The application for the award of the right to conduct uniform master’s studies with a general academic profile in the field of medicine was submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which will issue a decision after obtaining the opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee.

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Planned limit of candidates’ admissions:


Studies in the field of medicine will be launched after the University receives the qualifications granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.