1. Dear,

The UKSW Main Library invites you to use three new databases on nursing and related sciences, open in trial access until 4.05.2019.

Cinahl Complete – the most comprehensive full-text database in the field of nursing, covering also biomedicine, librarianship (in the field of health sciences), alternative medicine and 17 related health sciences. It indexes over 5,500 magazines (including 1,300 with full-text access) and contains over 5 million records (with archives from 1937). Offers access to the full collection of English-language magazines and publications published by the American Occupation Therapy Association and the American Diabetes Association and access to health books, dissertations in nursing, selected conference materials, care standards, educational programs, book and audiovisual chapters . The database contains searchable citations from over 1,500 journals.

Ebook Nursing Collection – contains 560 e-books in the field of nursing and related sciences. The database is updated every few months, with older books and editions being replaced with newer ones to provide users with the most up-to-date information.

Nursing Reference Center – contains evidence-based information about lifelong learning and nursing research. Provides detailed information about diseases and ailments, educational content for patients, laboratory and diagnostic data, guides to best practices, etc.

The bases can be tested from the terrain of both UKSW campuses and also on private devices.

from the university network ➡️ https://search.ebscohost.com/
(select directly: „Nursing Reference Center”, and also in the EBSCOhost Web tab, select „Cinahl Complete” or „Ebook Nursing Collection” at the top)

from outside the university network ➡️ https://pulpit.uksw.edu.pl/
(log in to USOS UKSW and select „EBSCO <all bases>” in the column „WWW bases”. In the newly opened tab, select directly „Nursing Reference Center”, and in the „EBSCOhost Web” tab select „Cinahl Complete” or ” Ebook Nursing Collection „at the very top).

We invite you to share your comments regarding our electronic resources.


2. Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has granted the WMCM. UKSW the right to conduct first degree studies with a practical profile in the field of Nursing.
The uniqueness of our educational offer is that the studies will be conducted in Polish and English. The education of Nursing students in English is the only study of this type in Warsaw! Nursing can be taught in English by both foreigners and Poles. Importantly, full-time studies are free-of-charge for every student throughout the entire learning cycle. This is a huge benefit for students, as foreign language studies in this field at most Polish universities are paid.

Information on studying in the field of Nursing:

Studies: free, full-time, first-cycle.

The education offer includes:

Three-year undergraduate (1st degree) studies, taught in Polish and English, dedicated to Polish citizens and foreigners, whose completion is associated with obtaining the title of the bachelor of nursing.

Admission to the undergraduate studies may be offered to high school graduates who have passed their matriculation examinations. The qualification is carried out by means of a certificate competition.