University-wide regulations:

Regulation No. 37/2015 of the Rector of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw dated August 31, 2015 amending Regulation No. 52/2014 of the Rector of the UKSW dated August 25, 2014 on the regulations for the financial support for students of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw – DOWNLOAD THE FILE

Appendix 10 to the regulations on material help for students of the UKSW – DOWNLOAD

Student’s rights and duties:

The student has the right to:

  1. acquire knowledge in a chosen field of study, develop his own scientific interests, obtain the assistance of academic teachers and the University’s bodies, use the premises, equipment and resources and the entire library collection of the University in accordance with applicable regulations;
  2. study according to an individual study plan and education program in accordance with §15;
  3. participate in decision making by the collegiate bodies of the University through the representatives of students;
  4. submit postulates regarding study plans, education programs, and social-welfare conditions to the University authorities;
  5. join the existing student organizations and establish new ones;
  6. participate in research conducted by the University;
  7. develop cultural, tourist and sports interests, using the University’s equipment and resources for this purpose, as well as assistance provided by academic teachers and University bodies;
  8. transfer and resume studies, in accordance with § 22 – 24;
  9. participate in open classes of other fields of study
  10. take examinations before sessions, in accordance with § 27 par. 1;
  11. participate in higher years of studies, according to § 27 par. 2;
  12. take up re-sit examinations, in accordance with § 31 par. 1;
  13. take commission examinations, in accordance with § 32;
  14. use leaves, in accordance with § 36 – 38;
  15. be awarded prizes and distinctions, in accordance with § 39 and 40;
  16. take up paid work that cannot be the basis for applying for an exemption from participation in obligatory classes;
  17. be trained in the student’s rights and duties;
  18. retain student rights until October 31 of the year in which the student graduated from first-cycle studies, excluding the right to financial support.

The student’s basic duties include:

proceeding in accordance with the wording of the oath, in particular:

  1. ethical use of the University’s didactic offer,
  2. timely fulfillment of duties, including their timely completion,
  3. respect for academic rights and customs
  4. care for the University’s reputation and its traditions,
  5. respect for the University’s property;
  6. compliance with the Dean’s organizational arrangements, in particular:
  7. at a deadline specified by the Dean, enroll in classes in the USOSweb system, participate in them and obtain credits for them, as well as take examinations in accordance with the study plan and session schedule after meeting specific requirements related to the classes, grades and examinations,
  8. promptly notify the Dean’s office about any change of a name or address,
  9. promptly notify the relevant organizational unit of the University about any change in material conditions, if it affects the granting or amount of material aid,
  10. timely pay fees for educational services in accordance with the concluded agreement on payment for educational services and the general regulations of the University.

The student’s settlement of their duties to the University after leaving it is confirmed in a completed student clearance slip, presented in the Dean’s office of the relevant faculty, the model of which is attached to the Regulations.

For any violation of the regulations in force at the University and for any acts that infringe the dignity of the student, the student bears disciplinary responsibility before a disciplinary committee or before a student disciplinary panel pursuant to the principles specified in Section IV, Chapter 6 of the Act.